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Based in Hampshire - Software Know How began to deliver computer training throughout the UK in 1995.  

Amongst our prestigious clients past and present are:

Shoosmiths Solicitors, the Office for National Statistics, Somerset Careers Service, Southampton Oceanography Centre and Southampton Action for Employment.  As well as smaller organisations and businesses, and private medical professionals.

Your tailored training experience with Software Know How is about developing your skills, becoming more effective and about being relaxed and enjoying the process.  We pride ourselves in that.

Whatever your level of competence, whether you’re a complete beginner or more advanced  - rest assured Software Know How has the course for you.  If we don’t  - we’ll plan one for you, at no extra cost.

Helping You Develop Your Team

As well as training your staff to help optimise efficiency, we can help to provide valuable assistance with Recruitment and Staff Development. Click the links to our recommended company, Big People Ideas, for more information.

About Us