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At Software Know How we aim to meet the unique IT Training and Support needs of your business.

That's why we offer a complimentary, no obligation consultation.

Based on our discussions we will submit a customised  training program specifically designed to your requirements. Email us at to arrange your consultation.

Identify Your Training Needs
We can advise on the training needs for different audiences within your business, how to integrate your IT tools to make them work more effectively for you and how to automate routine tasks electronically.

About our courses

Instruction was excellent, approach and delivery were extremely good.”

Course Attendant

An efficient, professional service, well presented and suitably pitched.  Software Know How gains the confidence of the group and encourages progression and achievement.  An enjoyable, informative and productive day.”

Hilary Marshall

Head of Training & Staff Development

Somerset Careers Service

Whatever your level of competence, whether you're a complete beginner, more advanced or need upgrade training, say to Office 2010 - rest assured Software Know How has the course for you.